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Club Bang (Gay Night Club)

Address: 117 N Limestone , Downtown Lexington, KY , 450505 USA
Phone: 859-233-7266
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Leather/Denim/Cowboy Bar..women are welcome

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Review posted by countryguy1854: 2008-09-01

Changed owners several months ago and the old owners are still managing the place. Depending on their mood, dictates what the night in the place is going to be like. Remodeled early part of the year, tried to take a sows ear and change it to a silk purse, still a sows ear

Review posted by kyhorseman69: 2008-01-22

Club Bang was much better when it was Crossings. They updated the club and tried to change the clientel from wrangler/leather crowd to preppy twinks. Luckly the twinks didn't stay around long and it is returning to the wrangler/leather crowd. Leather rules.

Review posted by itsagrind: 2007-12-08

its not crossings anymore, or a leather bar. its called BANG now and has an oriental/asian flair somewhat. They do have a very nice pool table.

Comment posted by kyhorseman69: 2007-09-26
Name has changed to Club Bang

Review posted by ckdalmin: 2007-07-27

They make the best drinks in town go there and drink before you go to the bar. The BARS drinks suck and taste watered down.

Number of users that attend: 106.

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