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O'Gradys (Gay Night Club)

Address: 518 Church St , Toronto, Ontario, M4Y Canada
Phone: 416-323-2822
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Review posted by countrylegend: 2008-10-29

Nice sit-down pub... Good food, great atmosphere!

Review posted by mcdonk69: 2008-04-19

Very popular , good looking young bear types .located wel in centreof Village . other options.. Stays open late

Review posted by bearfootdaddy: 2008-01-20

Not a bad hang out... the food is pretty average. Except at Pride when the prices are inflated and the quality and quantity goes sub par. The weekday lunch specials are a good deal and very fulfilling. Friday "bear" nights are a fun time, especially on the patio in good weather. Enjoy, say hi to Jimmy.

Number of users that attend: 314.

Users that visit but without a photo: 24yokid, abdulmunaf, abidimran77, adilici, adorebear, alcamp01, alcondeplata, aleksandrlover, alex1999, ali20095hotma, ali90, ambizioso, amirafzali, anuvovo, arsalahmed86, ashara200, awa4love, aygtime, azaelleon29, bacareto, bargerat, beauday, bogoss, boobs, boy28ybrazil, boysss, brad19on, brambear, brian15, briefbouy, britney5123456, brucesidor, buwayne, byronbyron, canadianguyto, carepe99, carlista84, cassie121, cellinha, cgay69, charles4god, chrispatric, clayton01, codyutahbear, conejoman, contrition, cool55, cowboy41095, cowboyforlife, crocodile, dadsboy66, dadycum25, danielabissi, danny914, dave1977, davidxxx, diegox, dong10, doris50, drope, eireann99, eitanb4, ericnew, evans020, exiztenze, ezgoinalbny, faisal06, falcon79, fatgay1973, fedelia, ferozshah, firefightergatt, flex69289, floydincanada, foolishtiger7, forefahter, freas, gabos, georgebull, gerrysex, ggkw521, global365, gocacz, gordgin65, gorgaa11aa11, grace44, habibibear, hardyhorn, hespabadmus, hh7748, hottieboi69, ikvint013, indoswinger, ioalex, ivander1, jakeallan, jakulito, javib, jennifer00, jiji79, john99, johno23, kenjohn86, kevebear82, khanay7862000, kidman, kindsouthernman, kinggay, kwabe, leandromcs, lieutenant, lilblazeblink, lilpee, lily2u, lisu24y, loomy3344, lostfreddy, lovefems, lovesh, loveth, madebrazil, magnumhorse, maiden, man335, manhunk42, markd1967, mary44, maxime9966, mayboy, mcdemesse, me29adam, merianbaby, miguel5155, mikedlarosa, militarjesui, mixys, mnkquest, moreinbaby, moses23, movelove, mpmpmp, mtlhowdy, musiq, naseem2002ak, natas, nicholasf, njpoz, no18or, nudawg40, nycguy08, obeidenttim, ohiomedic, oliray, osckarprada, pepperw99, peterzhou, phonatic18, pirlorich, playguy45, popetimber2006, preet1987, princearthur, pudnucket, rahul691972, raphaelescort, rashida120, reivin255, rhamses, rickeyg65, rickyelenss, ridecowboy78, rodrigo18, roinoir, rxpayne, saharat5939, samer332277, sarjo111, satuple, screen123, selfer22, selim981134, sergeyp06, sexsez, sexyboyold25, sexykerminater, shahimuskan86, shtter, singlephillip, sirus01, skyepee, slavebottompig, slaveboy4u69, smilie, solodog, soultaker, stonkolde007, superstarz101, susuko, sxydude, tazboi82, technomed, tessb2, thompsonworld, tigger4456, time2, toguy27, tombear, tomir, tony78, torontodavid, toylex, tristnporto, uvchat01, vk2hvgaybiker, wantekboy, warriorofsparta, we2blove, wiiqkkkk, william951, xrayxx, yailove333, yamapi, yawash, youngay69, youngme, yuliyagood, yurik001, zizo27179


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