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The Gay 90's (Gay Night Club)

Address: 408 Hennepin Ave , Minneapolis St Paul, MN , 55401-1913 USA
Website: www.gay90s.com
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With eight bars, two restaurants, a drag lounge, male strip show, leather only bar and three huge dance floors all under the same roof, it is no wonder this is considered the megamall of gay bars. The complex draws huge crowds, both gay and straight, look

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Review posted by tallmn: 2008-05-19

they need be more involved in the gay community ...I quit going there 8 years ago ...seemed to direct there business to the straight community . Pehaps with new management they might get there act together.

Review posted by daveh0503: 2008-04-19

I like the 90's and it is an institution. It was recently sold and I hope they do some remodeling and updating where needed, which is many places. I love the drag show and the Retro bar playing my kind of music:disco and real dance kinda music. It is just like an old pair of jeans: comfortable and loose!!

Review posted by horseguymn: 2007-12-27

use to be a great place... now cater more towards the str8 community, somewhat snuffing gay community

Review posted by closeted247: 2007-11-28

The bathrooms stink, are vandalized and don't have working doors or sinks. The chances of you being murdered inside to bar by thugs is stronger than the chance of you being murdered walking out of the bar and being seen by the many biggits that frinquent the nasty strip club next door. Besides them having MANY problems with fire codes, the real name of this bar is The Straight 90's. DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!

Review posted by cowdood: 2007-09-24

The 90's has gone to hell in a hand basket. respectable gay men stay away.

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